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  • As part of the suspension resolution process, students will be nominated by the principal to participate in the suspension centre program.
  • The student’s entry into the suspension centre must be preceded by an interview with the student’s parents/caregivers.
  • The expectations and role of the school, the student and parents /caregivers will be clearly communicated to all parties.
  •  The home school retains responsibility for the student and managing the suspension process. Attendance and progress reports will be provided to the home school by the centre. 
  • In accordance with Student Attendance in Government Schools: Procedures (2006): – the attendance register at the home school will be marked as ‘E’ for the period that the student is not attending the home school during the long suspension period (for a maximum of 20 days).


Absences and behaviour will be reported to the home school and followed up with parents/carers. Notification of absences should be made by to the Head Teacher on via phone 02 9621 3622 or email Evans-RSC@det.nsw.edu.au.