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How to refer

How to refer

To refer a student to the Return to School Centre, the Principal or Deputy Principal of the referring school:

  1. completes the suspension procedures as per the Suspension and Expulsion of School Students Procedures
  2. contacts the Return to School Centre via telephone 02 9621 3622 or email evans-rsc@det.nsw.edu.au to determine if a vacancy exists
  3. discusses with the Head Teacher of the Return to School Centre whether the students may benefit from the intervention provided by the Return to School Program
  4. nominates a staff member to be the student's mentor 
  5. completes and emails the following documents:
  • Notification of Suspension 
  • RSC referral form (64.5KB)
  • the student risk assessment
  • the Suspension Letter to the family
  • the school counsellor's Suspension Report (if available)
  • a list of behaviour incidents that have occurred at school

The Head Teacher of the Return to School Centre will then discuss the application with the panel and report the decision back to Principal or Deputy Principal. If the panel considers the Return to School Centre to be an appropriate form of intervention for the referred student, the Principal or Deputy Principal of the referring school will:

  • negotiate a date for an entry meeting with the Head Teacher of the Return to School Centre, mentor, student and parent/carer to familiarise the student with the program, routines and expectations. This meeting usually takes place at the referring school, however, alternative arrangements can be negotiated as to where the meeting can take place
  • gain written approval from the parent/carers for the placement to occur. The Parent Permission Note (40.6KB) must be signed before the placement commences
  • supply the Rerurn to School Centre with the contact information for the student
  • advise the parent/carer that they may be contacted to collect their child if the behaviour of the student is inappropriate. If contact is not possible, the Head Teacher of the Return to School Centre will contact the home school Principal to collect the child and the student's placement at the Centre may be reconsidered
  • provide an independent work package.