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Parents, carers and the community

As a parent or carer, you are an important part of our school community. We offer a range of services to support you and your family.

The Return to School Program provides a team approach, utilising the experience and expertise of the Head Teacher Return to School Centre, teacher mentor, parent/carer, school Learning Support Team and other appropriate staff to promote a smooth transition back to school for your child.


How to get started

Enrolment in the Return to School Centre will be discussed as an option with the parents at the time of suspension. The school will initiate contact with the centre and complete the necessary paperwork for the enrolment to take palce. If a placement is offered to the student, the parent/carer and student are required to:

  • attend an introductory interview to become familiar with the program and expectations of the Return to School Centre
  • read and agreed to the Code of Conduct
  • arranged a transport schedule for the student before the starting date. Parent/carer is responsible for their child's travel to and from the Centre
  • (student) indicates a commitment to improving his/her behaviour and attitude towards school
  • attends the centre each day in their full school uniform

Student absences

If a student is absent, the parent/carer is required to contact the Return to School Centre before 9.00am. If notification is not received, the Head Teacher will contact the parent and the referring school.

Notification of absences should be made by phone to the Head Teacher on 9621 3622 at the earliest convenience.

Head teacher return to school centre absences

In the event that the Head Teacher Return to School Centre is absent from duty, the program will cease for the duration of the teacher's absence. Parent/carer and schools will be notified at the earliest convenience, should this situation arise.

Expectations of Students

The Return to School Centre is a place where students will be physically and emotionally safe. Under no circumstances will the following be tolerated:

  • Physical aggression and intimidation
  • Racial slurs and/or discrimination
  • Theft and/or vandalism/graffiti of property
  • Any unsafe behaviour

Counselling for families

The school counsellor can assist when families undergo a trauma or big change. Contact us to make an appointment. For information in community languages, see school counselling service.

Outside of the education system, free telephone counselling services are available to support families who may be going through a difficult time.

  • Lifeline – 24-hour telephone counselling service. 13 11 14.
  • Mensline Australia – 24-hour telephone counselling service for men. 1300 789 978.
  • Parent line – an advice and information service. 1300 1300 52.

Interpreting and translations

We will help you communicate with our school. If you’d like an interpreter for a school meeting, let us know and we will arrange one, if available.

If you don’t speak or understand English well and want to contact us, call TIS National on 131 450 and ask for an interpreter in your language. The operator will call the school and get an interpreter to help. This service is free.

For more information, listen in your language.

Visit the department’s translated documents section for important information that’s relevant for your child’s education in many languages.